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The main work of the biggest rap group in Brazil published in book form, as hard-hitting as ever and current as ever. Mandatory reading for the Unicamp entrance exam.


At the turn of the 1990s, Racionais MC’s emerged as one of the most important events in Brazilian culture. Fascinated by critics, the album Surviving in hellsold more than one and a half million copies.

Now published in a book, preceded by an introductory text and interspersed with classic and unpublished photos, the Racionais raps are the most well-finished image of a society that has become humanly unviable, and a radical, aesthetically brilliant attempt to survive she.


“It was with Surviving in hell that black and peripheral youth were formed. Because of this album, a lot of people graduated in self-esteem and didn’t go to college for crime.” — Sergio Vaz


“The cold, historical and real account of the mentality that massacres and excludes in Brazil.” — Criolo

Book Racionais Mc's - Surviving in hell

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